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Fan food!

They ate fish stew thick with cream, ate good wheat bread. A well-off household: the man made good money from his fishing, did not waste it. ‘That’s a good meal,’ the man said contentedly. ‘I’ll try to get some curd cheese in town, you could make curd cakes, eh? I’ll bring back the material for the new dress, too, if you still need it?’

     She nodded, clearing away the plates. ‘Green,’ the man said. ‘Green would suit you.’

     ‘Pretty mummy,’ the boy said.

     ‘That she is,’ the man said. ‘And the best cook on Third Isle, your mother.’ He kissed her and went off to take his cart into the town to sell his catch.

'Water' in Lost Gods: A Grimbold Books anthology

'We'd buy bread, if you have some,' he said simply. 'Milk, if you have that. Or just water.'

     'Sweet water or salt?' she said in response, and laughed a harsh laugh. 'You're in luck, for I have milk, and bread, and curd cakes hot from the oven. If you've money for it.' 

The Court of Broken Knives

And the recipe can be found here, courtesy of The Speculative Kitchen:

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