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Empires of Dust complete bibliography in chronological reading order

‘Gold Light’

Unfettered III: New Tales by Masters of Fantasy, ed. Shawn Speakman, Grimoak Press.

An old song, a lament for dead heroes.


Lost Gods, ed. Dolly Garland and Jo Hall, Grimbold Press

A mother bakes curd cakes for her infant son.


Three crows: Year One, ed. Alex Khlopenko and Olivia Hofer

A tale told to a young man in a White Isles tavern.

‘The Second Siege of Telea’

Knaves: A Blackguards Anthology, ed. Melanie R. Meadors and Alana Joli Abbott

Tobias in his glory days. Another tale told to a young man in a tavern

The Court of Broken Knives

Knives everywhere. Coming down like rain.

The Tower of Living and Dying

The music of bronze and iron, the music that lifts joy in your heart.

‘Red Glass’, Grimdark Magazine #12

Why we fight and why we die: a young woman seizes her chances.

‘A Hero of Her People’

Legends 3: Stories in Honour of Devid Gemmel, ed. Ian Whates, NewCon Press

Why we fight and why we die:  an old woman defends her country.

‘The Fall of Tereen’ 

Art of War, ed Petros Triantafyllou, Booknest.Eu

Why we fight and why we die:  a princess hopes for the best.

'Glory to the King!'

The King Must Fall, ed. Adrian Collins, Grimdark Magazine

He is their glory, their wonder, their beloved.

The House of Sacrifice

Hail to the sword that is girt with blood.

​A Woman of the Sword

Children who have grown up knowing nothing but war and bloodshed.

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